What to wear | McKinney, Texas Outdoor Portrait Photographer

Deciding what to wear can be one of the most difficult parts of a photo shoot. The truth is, it is also difficult to answer, without knowing who you are, as it relies heavily on your personality, the type of session you are looking to have and the location that we will be having the shoot at. However, there are a few basic rules that you can follow that generally stay true.

Firstly, try to stay away from  a lot of patterns. This can make yourself very busy, and will actually pull the focus off of you in many cases. (There are some exceptions).

Second, neutral colors are something that will generally be a safe bet.

Third, wear complimentary colors. This is always important as you will not want to have clashing colors in your photographs. They are called, “clashing” for a reason, after all. It can be helpful to use a color wheel if you happen to have one handy (most people don’t,) but for example, blues and oranges work very well together. Purple and teal, etc.

Most importantly, talk with us at the consultation about your outfit choices so we can help guide you to the best look and feel for what you are going for after we know what kind of session you want, your personality a little and where the shoot will be taking place.

This is just meant as a small guideline and I hope that you find it helpful!

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